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Sisters Hope meet VOINA (RU)

Last summer Sisters Hope was invited to dine with the Russian art activists VOINA at the infamous Poonchai restaurant – Only challenge was – No-one leaves the table before a mutually beneficial and rebellious plan had been constructed. A plan which can be put into practice immediately after dinner. The plan had to result in a street-action that positively enriches Danish culture and meets the criteria of both art group’s…

Observations of The I #3 The first Academy has ended

“I observed the Sisters Academy #1. And what a ride, what beauty blossoms – and luckily its ending is only and firmly the beginning. The waves are echoing in the landscapes of education, culture, societal development – and the movement continues… Already new sights unfold…and the seat-lings are blooming. They were brave! I hope they remember to continue living it.” See Observations of The I #1 and #2.

Sisters Academy >< Cantabile2

Sisters Hope and Cantabile2 are exploring the possibilities of potential future co-productions… An inspiring week full of valuable learning points has just ended.

Sisters Academy at Danmarks Læringsfestival/Danish Learning Festival

We participate in Danmarks læringsfestival/Festival of learning at The Bella Center, Cph 25.-26.3 2014. As described on the web-page of Danmarks Læringsfestival “HF og VUC Fyn – Sisters Academy Sisters Academy #01 er et samarbejde mellem performancekunstgruppen Sisters Hope og HF & VUC, FYN, FLOW. Det er et uddannelseseksperiment, der anvender performancekunst som ramme og metode til at udforske sanselige lærings- og erkendelsesformer og gentænke/genaktivere dannelsesbegrebet. Projektet er forskningsbaseret.”

Politiken following Sisters Academy

Skole går med i esktremt eskperiment :- Dystre søstre skubber lærere og elever ud over grænsen :- Lærerhjerte danser af glæde over eksperiment i Odense :- Elever skriver takkebreve til skole-performere