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I saw myself moving – blind I saw myself still – blind I saw myself as rooted earth – stone I saw myself as debris – shit I saw myself pushed through space – water I saw myself shaped by water – blind I saw myself as a sphere – stone I saw myself as dung – shit I saw above me nothing I saw above me nothing I saw…


3 Objects 3 Instruments 3 Tools 3 Trees 3 Movements 3 Moments 3 Mountains 5 Bottles 4 Containers 3 Eyes 2 Fingers 1 Tongue Water Heat Words How to dissolve a mountain?        

shyness and shame freezes me. this place that made me feel so strongly connected and wondrous is now an open doorway ahead of me. i am very excited and very afraid. what am i dong? all i know is that i am EXTREMELY sensous and curious.  and i long.. i want to stop waiting for the future. i want to engage the senses in a world in which the sense…

libertad //freedom

Are we condamned, us living in the present, to never experiment autonomy, to never live, not even for a moment, in a planet regulated only by freedom? Are we able to live in the present, do we have other options then being nostalgic about the past or nostalgic about the future? Do we have to wait for the all world to be liberated from political control before at least one…

Expanding. . .

Closing my eyes and drifting off into the dream of myself I considered carefully my potential body, its posture, flesh and gaze. Sister said: Your poetic self is all about expansion, and yes, I agree, but I also feel it is as much about exclusion. Exclusion of the debris that keeps my heart from reaching its tentacles into the world, to other hearts. Or is it the other way around?…