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Sisters Academy in:


The Normalcy Week Beckomberga – Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

Presented at the Normalcy week, Beckomberga, Royal Institute of Arts, Stockholm this week. Sisters Academy in Stockholm in-spe – exciting! http://www.kkh.se/index.php/en/about-kkh/news/2092-the-normalcy-project-beckomberga-week


Honored staff We, the sisters of Sisters Academy, are utterly happy, excited and grateful to finally be able to invite you as our guests at the table of crisis turned into hope for the future. While you dine with us we invite you to explore your poetic and sensuous self and investigate new facets to your everyday life function in the educational system. We ask you to wear something that…


Kindred spirit Ken Robinson on the change of educational paradigms. Turning these visions into flesh. Ken we must meet soon!  

Sisters Academy # phase 0

Sisters Academy # phase 0 from We Make Colours

Images are manifesting and visions turns to flesh

A storm rages outside, but behind sturdy walls, the sisters are doing important experiments: while the old world is falling apart, they investigate what values to base the new world on. A long time ago, the sisters became aware that something would happen to the world they knew, and so they formed a school – Sisters Hope. Since then, they have inspired youths from the entire nation, nourished the ground…