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The Sisters of Math and M&M rituals

The Sisters of Math are planning a quest of several tasks and challenges within the theme of growth. That particular theme is a focus of criticism when used in terms of economical growth as a paradigm in society. We want to expand the theme and explore it in terms of other areas. The students will measure the growth of grass, the decreasing oscillation of a pendulum and the chance of getting sixes when throwing dices. They will solve problems, which will provide them with clues to open the chest of tools for their experiments. This takes them to a new level of challenges. For each task or challenge they pass they will receive a token or bead to wear in their Bracelet of Experience. As the bracelet is filled with beads, their minds and souls will be filled with experiences and thus will have visibly grown. Each colour of the tokens or beads will represent certain qualities (effort, cooperation, helpfulness, insight, efficiency, aesthetics, enthusiasm, etc.) The students will put on their bracelets in the beginning of each math-class during a ritual of doubling the number of M&Ms in a bowl, and take off the bracelts at the end of each math class. Finally, when all the tasks have been passed, they will earn the right to use computers in order to process and present the data gathered during the two weeks. That is the plan as we see it today. We might want some of the performers to help build the M&M-ritual and the token-ritual. Also, the token-ritual could have a performer present as a witness.