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The Goddess

Floating through space like a crystal, I was handpicked by the moon. I laid in her womb, which is also my womb, and was nursed by her, to grow as her, before being planted as a seed on earth. Under the moonlight I grew every night, and still do, to become what I was, and am, and was always destined to be; a Goddess, reigning over femininity and all aspects thereof, to help earth, and by extension the universe, reach the golden age. No pain, no suffering, for I have taken it upon myself. I give in return a powerful softness and fertility, by a firm hand, in which I have given up many things myself. I am mother of all and Goddess of the one whole everything. And some night I realized, I handpicked and planted myself. The moon and cosmos are extensions of me.


Performed by Sia-My Nielsen
Sisters Staff by Sisters Hope
photo: I diana lindhardt