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The Present Skin

Moving awkwardly through Nyhavn for a very long time. Then someone laughs. Then we all laugh, finally free to be serious, if we want. Awkward movements turn into dance. Oh sweet freedom of defying the judgemental gaze yelling silently to describe the normal. Braking free, so sweet it vibrates in me, as the climax of fucking with my love, or the joy I felt when I was 6 years old, screaming the songs at a Pippi show, swinging my short sable, while a parrot was waving in my pirate hat.


Sensing people dance with my naked back. Listening as one of them drops to the floor. Bam! An impulse to move, then one to stand still, then one to lick at my elbow, but I can’t reach. The gesture meant as an offense becomes ridiculous. SO freeing. Whush! You pass me, I run away, thrilled and fast, then slow, connecting.


Caring is so easy without faces, only roots connecting in the underground.


Carrying your weight, holding and easing movement, like the Ocean. Easing the sense of connectedness through the sense of constant touch, like a Womb. Carving through pretentious skin and unkindness like Rivers through rock. Fiercely and strong like a ruthless Mother.


A solid sense of eternity. A hunt. A vision. An invitation.


Freedom of play through the Present Skin.


Performed by Freja Ek Sindberg
Sisters Staff by Sisters Hope
photo: I diana lindhardt