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My speech in Rhetorics about Sisters Academy

I chose my speech not to be very long because its more like a rhetorical conclusion and it doesn’t have to be long when its only supposed to make you question these two weeks: “In this universe you get so many impressions. So many things that makes you wonder. It can be good or it can be bad. But the question is; what can you bring with you? Which learning…

Dinner for the Performers

Today my class and I where going to make a Dinner for the performers at Sisters. Well, we were all by our selves (Our teacher had a sick child) and we should plan WHAT the performers were going to eat, and HOW we should serve and present it. Last time we made a dinner for the performers, it was a bit kaotic. We made a Food City, it was fun,…

Sisters Academy day #4 Confession Booth

Sisters Academy day #3 Confession Booth

An apt painting