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Mrs. Davis’ students were very special. They were told they were special on a daily basis. Their parents told them. The other teachers told them (as they should). Television presenters reminded them of just how special they were. The adverts in between the television programs they endlessly watched reminded them every 15 minutes of just how special they were and how they could use that individuality and ipseity to gain…

Sisters Academy #01 – It has begun!

First week of manifestation is over. Enjoy this small memory of our morning gathering Day #4.

A swarm of thoughts

I have lost myself. There is too much I want to do and not enough time to do it in. I have taken on too many projects, which calls on me to prepare new layers to them every day. Every moment I am stimulated in a new way and my head is spinning with ideas. The collegues are so inspiring to follow and the aspect of coorporation is the best…

Day 3 – The Brewery

The Repeater and the Black Bird (both teachers) conducted a day-long session at The Brewery. In the courtyard we set up cooking plates and brewed a portion of beer (named Mead by us). Beforehand, we asked the School Nurse (the Medicin Woman) to conduct an initiation ritual to open our minds and hearts for the process of brewing and teaching. Our focus was on the knowledge and poetry which can be…

Day 2

I met my students as a teacher at the academy for the first time today. I introduced me as my poetic self and tried to stay true to the communicative characteristics related to this. Not too much instruction, focusing instead on relating what was interesting seen from my point of view. This led to a class exercise, inviting students to try my method – listening, repeating, passing on fragments of…