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Dear Creature,

i went into the boarding school and i came out as the forest.

there is an echo still lingering in me, an echo of the poetry we created, the poetry that is still created in the enclosed space of the sister’s academy.

something woke up and something fell asleep. the birds were singing and the crickets playing, and time stood still and went really fast and jumped between all the coordinates in a room. voices were set free and sounds were found, and lost, and found again. we were growing like mushrooms, fruits emerging from the vast but hidden mycelium, secretly connected with white threads that sometimes glow in the dark. we looked really weird and we laughed at ourselves and the world.

i want to go back and I want to stay out here. i was suffocating on the inside, i had to go outside. into the forest. into the solitude of the forest, the solitude that is impossible because the forest is filled with creatures and plants breathing and dancing all in their private rythms, all participating in the secret symphony, in the slowest of coreographies.

some of them I took with me from the academy.

new life forms emerging, looming among the fern, peeking out from behind the bushes: ideas, sensory experiences, meetings. fuzzy creatures and slimy creatures, round and rectangular. some are shy, some are raging with beauty and self confidence. i will talk to them and ask them what they want, and we will create something together. a space, a system, an echo system.

memories, engraved in treetrunks: we talked about Home and we talked about Innocence. we danced together with our eyes closed and we painted with all the colors and without limitations, like we were the mad geniuses, we are the mad geniuses.

I went into the boarding school and I came out as the forest, the one you can’t see for all the trees. come inside when you need to breath, come inside when you want to get lost.


All is Love,

The Forest