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Marie Double

Sisters Academy - Marie Double

M a r i e D o u b l e doesn’t know time. Never in between

Always one or the other



Taking the space when not leaving it

When not leaving it fills it with bobbles

Needs more air to breathe in and out

Into the movements of liberty light


Acutely alive now



The past is balancing with the future

On a tiny string high over the lighted cities

Under the dark unknown sky



Inside Inside Inside

A singing or a screaming

Choir of dreams



Dreams with others


With compassion

Observing them

From the inside

Knowing their colors from far away



Now M a r i e D o u b l e still doesn’t know time

Only the movement



Keeping it all together


Performed by Julie Marie Mønsted

Sisters Academy Staff by Sisters Hope

photo: I diana lindhardt

Photographs are free to use with the credits as formulated above displayed visibly.