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Sisters Academy, Greenland


The Sister. Sisters Academy #2, Greenland by Sisters Hope / photo: I diana lindhardt

The Greenlandic manifestation of Sisters Academy unfolded in collaboration with Nuuk Art Museum as part of The North Atlantic Cluster at PSi #21.

For full credit list for Sisters Academy #, Greenland see here.


Se more images from the process:
Sisters Hope in Greenland, PSi#21, Sisters Academy # at Sisters Hope Flickr.

Se more film from the process

Sisters Hope in Greenland.

Sisters Hope arrived in Greenland.


Where: Nuuk, Greenland
When: 15-21 June, 2015
Local collaborators: Nuuk Art Museum, Katuaq, Hans Lynge School
Telematic collaborators: Rammatik, Copenhagen University, ITU, Roskilde University, Pantopia
Telematic platform: A gallery space at Nuuk Art Museum turned into a telematic classroom

Fluid States North
PSi #19 – Performances of UnKnowing:

Download the program in Nuuk as pdf.

PSi participation: Call for Participation available here. Call for Participation flyer available here.

Fluid States North involved telematic connections between Thorshavn, Copenhagen and Nuuk. It provided a platform for telematic interaction with the three other events: Pantopia Telematic Encounters in Faroe Islands, Fluid States – Solid Food in Copenhagen, and Fluid Sounds in Copenhagen.
Radio: Sisters Academy #2 Ullaarngani Tusakkat Greenland National Radio KNR 19/6 2015


“I was drawn to FSN because of Sisters Hope, the group’s performances, Academy and Manifesto for a Sensuous Society that advocates performative poetics to counteract economic rationalism. This group of female and male performance-makers who collaborate under the purposeful title, Sisters Hope, are led by Hallberg, and they also run week-long workshops for young people – usually fifteen- to eighteen-year-olds – that focus on developing poetic sensibilities, sensory experience and dream recall.”

“Forms of Emotion Human to Nonhuman in Drama, Theatre and Contemporary Performance” by Peta Tait. Published November 30, 2021 by Routledge. Read an excerpt (chapter 9) here.

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