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In the primordial soup the first moment happened by coincidence. Only to dissolve and become something else again. Ever since particles and atoms have come together in combinations.. in strings of nows. Until gaining consciousness and a sense of pasts – presents and futures.

When gaining consciousness moments came together in a body, a container filling up with time; the time which had been, and stretching itself in a plan of nows trying to assemble wanted futures.

“For seconds,
and years
I have been collecting.

You see me moving by.
I see you while passing
I stop and stop you, like you are in this moment.
I take your time,
your place, your smell, your light and your sounds.
Where you come from
and where you are going.
Who you are with and how do you feel?
I take everything that you (re)present
and keep it in a container.

Why remember the past
To be present in the Now,
paying attention to every detail
as if it was to be remembered forever.

This I how i want to be in the moment.
And if I want to return to a place or a time or a feeling,
then I can look at you and go there.

Which futures do you dream of?
If you were there now, what would you tell your present you.
How to get there.? How to get lost ?
Will what you are doing now bring you there
and how can paying attention to the present now, show you new and unexpected paths leading into the uncertain eternity of atoms connecting. “

Sisters Academy Staff by Sisters Hope
photo: I diana lindhardt