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The Contiguous


In close proximity. Near. Close to the border yet never really crossing.
What is a border anyway? A non-place? Betwix and between? A choice yet to be made? The possibility of both home and away? Of yes and no? With and without?

The Contiguous is definitely bordering on something.
Making shapes and images with her body, she moves at the border of her own frame. Her frame is a reference point, the place to start. Some might believe that a frame is restricting. The Contiguous believes that a frame has freeing potential. As a point of departure, it can take you anywhere. Drawn to the border, The Contiguous likes to challenge this potential, challenge the frame. You will find her, sometimes well within her frame, other times moving at the border, searching for new shapes. The Contiguous invites you in to her frame – move with her.

Performed by Maja Størseth.