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The Heart of Gold (Sweetheart)

Once upon a time a heart was born into this world. A heart of gold. Since almost every gold is formed by so called gamma glimpses (which is the outcome of a dying star) this heart was born out of the same stardust that we are all made of. Therefore the heart of gold feels very connected to every living thing on earth, but at the same time it is longing to come home, back to the sky, with all the other stars. Doing its time on earth, this heart is therefore learning to balance between sky fleeing and the earthly life – or in other words beteween heaven and earth.

And maybe it is in fact the very heart that is the balancepoint, because the heart is a bridge between the two modes of being. Therefore the heart is using itself as a guide in life.

But the heart is also using guidance from other hearts, angels and mother earth. And from poetry.

It actually starts every day with an angel card and a poem or a golden quote. And it loves to share this guidance with others. In fact everyonce who wants to can come to the heart and get some.

But you should know that the heart does not speak that much – mostly because it likes to share silence and examine all that is louder than words, but also because its english is very ”gebrokkent”. Yet the heart is determined to practice its english by translating danish poetry into english and also by writing its own. This is also to share.

In fact the heart of gold is very fond of sharing. You can always come to the heart and share a heartful moment. If you dare you can share heartfulness meditaion. And if the chemistry is there, maybe the heart can give you a crystal healing – since the heart is a collector of crystals and other precious stones.

Beyond this the heart will give you heartfulness, warmth and sweetness – because the heart is a beautiful place to be – at least most of the time, but some times the heart will stick to you with big philosophical questions, that hopefully inspire you to go deeper into your own heart.

However the heart will try to do this in a sweet way.

After all the heart of gold is a Sweetheart.

Performed by Fransiska Sejten