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Sisters Academy in:

The Invitation

Dearest ___________________,

You are hereby invited to the party of being you and on the adventure of going home.

Is now the time?

Meet me in your sacred garden by the portal to The Underworld and the elevator to The Shadow Land.

Know that I will always be there to hold your hand. Know that no matter what happens you will never break for it is only your illusions that can break. Know that pain is a messenger and not to shoot it, but to bring it home, embrace it, be with it and heal its wounds in the light of love.

Besides that I have nothing more to gift you, but my questions:

What is right with you?

How do you feel?

And what do you need?

What is true for you?

I am looking forward to spend the rest of my life with you,

You, Your Inner Child

P.ost S.criptum R.épondez S.’il V.ous P.laît:

It is never to late.

Performed by Nathalia Fleron