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The S (Seeker, Silence)


The S was washed up on a quiet island in the torrent of a busy world. He always had a feeling that the world offers something more. Something more than the habitual. That the world somehow is bigger, deeper, richer, more complex and at the same time truly accessible for those who know where to seek it out. So he seeks.

He has wandered the world in wonder. Spend years in solitude. Seeking. In the woods, at sea, in the sleepless city: finding himself – coming to his senses.

Realizing that there are lessons you can only learn from the oldest masters, lessons you can only learn from the youngest beginners, and lessons you can only learn from yourself.

He continues to find sense, make sense, and loose his senses all over again. Sometimes as curious, playful and naive as the small child. Sometimes as slow, calm and wise as an old man. To the S. there is no end, no goal but the seeking itself. He has become one with the exploration, with the continuous meditation on the senses. There is no road that leads to the senses – only the senses themselves.

His life is centered around impressions, therefore he almost never speaks. But when he does, he speaks slowly, deliberately and sometimes even enigmatic. He relies on physical contact as his primary communication, using his hands to transfer energy and compassion.

With the Academy The S found a community and for the first time he felt a sort of home. This was the right place to subside for a while. A place to seek, but also a place to share the movement with others.

He shares his seeks through blindfolded walks, soundmeditations, silent walking, and other kinds of seeking practice.