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The Shaman

She was born in Shambala land, in a very ancient time, passing through different reincarnation. In one of them she has been a very big ancient tree.

She has been growing around the waterfall, close to the sun, been nurished from the roots of the Earth. During her childhood she has been surrended by her cousins, the Amazons,, who have helped her training with some specific skills.

She is unity. She is multiple, She is continous, She is a spiral, she belongs to the Universe. She belongs to humanity and she is deeply human, but she recognizes and honour the divine inside of her. She breaths. She is present.

The shaman, the warmth. She can see through; She can see apart of the Matrix. She feels; She senses time and space in a different way than Kronos. She moves energy, she finds energy inside the Earth, she moves energy inside the heart. She uses her strong intuition.

Performed by Sara Vilardo