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The Teetotum


She lies there make her swirl. Maybe you think, when you see her that you know what will happen, but she is unpredictable. Wild, sorrowful, extravagant, elegant, spinning out of control, only when you spin her you will know. One thing you can be almost sure of is, that she will play.

Once during the crises she met a powerful creature, it spun her and put a spell on her, and now she wears her pain on the outside for all to see, and sometimes but not often, the spell will make her unable to turn and the game is over before it began. But to fight this she is always searching for the balance of things so that she can keep spinning. And it has made her able to move where she is needed, but as time grow ripe and her practice evolves she hopes to find the power to embody the balance of imbalance and hopefully the spell will no longer hold any power over her.

Performed by Fie Fri Nielsen.