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The Timer

In the warmth of comfort she lies on cotton. But it’s to warm for her to live so she stands up and walks around, sometimes she runs.

She can become quite materialistic at times and cling on to objects or things, she is somewhat of a hoarder. Even though she doesn’t need much. To explain the boundless she binds thoughts, and by binding them she creates a web of actions and memories, obsessing about them not to fade away. She cant decide.

So if time is the world, it’s creation and master, she is not the one equal. Thats not her task, she is no-were close. As the Timer she observes and try to use and live with time, not suffer by it. But then again, she does.

She will look at you and she will listen. She will savour that moment and she will keep it safe.

If you give her time, she will hand you yours.

Performed by Ingrid Einarsson