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The Wave

I was born underwater, swimming with my eyes closed.

Everything is moving and so am I, I am a circle, round, soft and dense.

I laugh with the whole body, I eat the light,

I stay in darkness for days and sometimes I fill up oceans with tears.

I always take in the warmth of the sunlight on my skin,

I digest it slowly.

I am alive with you.


Life is a circle, wild, still, life, death, life.

A kiss. The now. And coffee with milk and sugar in the morning light.


The smell of rosemary (the rose of the sea), I fall asleep by the sea and in my sleep I travel to the bottom, collecting myths and secrets about human nature. I keep them in my home, the shells, stories, questions, loveletters, sounds and objects: lives lived well with lonelines and imagination.

In my home, the sound of heavy rain on the roof. Here, bodies relax and words flow like honey.

Here, we do the work of imaginatin (imagination will keep us alive), here we find connections and hidden poetry in the ordinary, we nourish each other, move our bodies awkvardly and develop a language with the invisible.


I exist to touch and be touched and underneath all my movements lies the longing to love and be loved.

I love you.


The Wave is performed by Bella Scheftelowitz

Sisters Academy Staff by Sisters Hope

photo: I diana lindhardt