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The Untamed


The Untamed have been hidden deep under – for decades.

She has lived in the darkness. Breathing through her skin under water.

Crystal mud and white stones have been sticking to her body and to her face

– Scratching her soul.

She has become heavy – slow – unmovable – powerless.

She was taken by the stream and pushed around and away from her safe environment – the day the hurricane hit. She felt like her skin was ripped apart and that she could not breath.

She gave up – used no more muscles – no more energy.

She waked up again. She was alive. And she felt the heat from the sun. Her face had become dry

– The dirt, the mud and the past were pilling of her skin.

She slowly started to move – “But how do I move?”

She look up in the sky – “What is up there?”

She meet other creatures – “How do we communicate?”

And she started to discover life….

Performed by Camilla Maike Juul.