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Sisters Academy in:

The (w)Hole


(s)He wants you. To come and fill her holes. And she will fill yours.
If you allow yourself to be eternal.

…and she says:
“Teach me when you’re my student. See me when blindfolded. Surrender to me when most suspicious. Hurt me to save me. Stop the time when I don’t have enough of it. Surprise me once I’ve possessed all the knowledge. Love-spell my control. Pin me with a piercing gaze when I am trying to hide. Push me standing closest to an edge. And then jump after me. From there we’ll write new life scripts together. Make me and you into us and here into now. And then again.

Let us multiple times paralleled. Caricaturize and beautify all we are. This is important.
To take us home. All of us.
You can do it.

Performed by Iwona Rejmus.