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The crisis is ranging outside. But behind the walls The Sister and staff are conducting important experiments. Investigating what values to base the new world upon while the old one is falling apart. For long they have been aware that something would happen to the world as we knew it. So they formed a school – Sisters Hope. For many years they have been inspiring youngsters from the entire Nation, nourishing the ground and planting seeds. The time has ripened. It is ripe. It’s is time for the birth of Sisters Academy, the unity of inspirations, the reaping of visions – A place open to fresh and fleshy ideas. A place where the dream you just dreamt is as important as the calculation of time. A place where the smell touches upon your skin as the light is shaded. A place where memories of the past is turned into hope for the future…

The Sisters grew up as orphans in the Northern hemisphere during the crisis. In the spaces-in-between of urban and rural environments they grew up to be what they are today – the head mistresses of Sisters Academy. Formed by who and what they met as they were wandering – And not at least by their continuous connection to ‘the source’. The source that kept the sisters alive when the crisis was raging, was not only manifest molecules in the form of solid food and fluid liquids it was also the senses, reflections and visions of thinkers, dreamers and other sensuous and reflective creatures throughout times and times. They found books, boxes of chocolate made from wise hands, they smelled flowers, discovered poems, saw images turned into flesh, sensed the birth of ideas and the unity of visions. And they collected these treasures. Always carrying them carefully from place to place in bags, suitcases on a self-made wagon. And the source grew. People around them would sense the value of strengthening the source so they brought them material. As the piles of books, paintings, boxes of chocolate, film and poems grew the sisters realized that they had to form an archive. An archive that would be an important source in terms of generating a new mode of being in the world that could point us out of the crisis and into something new. The Archive grew day by day and continues to do so as we speak. With the growth of the archive the sisters registered how their source were growing and they realized that they had collected courage and power to point toward the future…

Photo: Diana Lindhart