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Author: Student, Sisters Academy #01 at HF & VUC FYN, FLOW, Odense, Denmark

My experience

It was a very slow learning method and you had a certain mode that was affected by the staff members. Sisters Academy was a really wired experience, this abnormal universe that was created by two sisters who thought and believed in a more sensuous way of learning. There was music or some sort of sound in every single class room which could be very disturbing at least for me. I…

My feelings about Sisters Academy

In the weeks of Sisters Academy we explored the different ways of learning, through a very sensuously and esthetic way. There were a lot of different oppinions about this way of learning, some didn’t get a shit out of it, and some others really extended their horizon and learned a lot both in school and about more existential issues. In my oppinion both things are equally important! I think the…

My opinion about sisters academy.

Sisters academy is a special place, a special way of learning. This Is how I experienced, this very different universe. When I first walked into this universe, I was a day late. I had been ill, so all of my classmates had already experienced some of the universe and could tell me a lot about it. I attended the morning assemble and boy was that weird! I felt like I…

My essay about Sisters Academy

When you are isolated in a universe, totally opposite to your everyday life, with all your schoolmates, all your teachers, all in same level, prepared to get inspired, challenged, something happens, something moves. If it is not your learning, it is your ability to learn. If not your excitement about Sisters Academy’s universe, then your excitement towards your daily school’s universe.  But definitely you will move. It is difficult to…


Essay about sisters by AS