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Sisters Academy in:


Her Porcelain Spirit – Sister of Silk

Thanks for breathing together Thanks for be slow Thanks for caring Thanks for eye contact Thanks for healing Thanks for tutch Thanks for sielence Thanks for showing your inner soul Thanks for bathtab Thanks for sharing Thanks for your stoires Thanks for the sound Thanks for let me tutch you Thanks for open your heart Thanks for trust Thanks for showing emotions Thanks for food Thanks for your time Thanks…

Cairns, Balances and Micro mountains

Humans have always moved stones around. We throw them in the water. Hold them in our hands. Carry them with us. Arranges them to fences, fireplaces, cairns or other shapes, sculptures, landscapes and landart. Think about a stone you have met in your life. It can be any stone. One that you threw in the water /or/ one you kept in your pocket for a while. One you bought in…

Her Porcelain Spirit – Sister of Silk

To melt in to the silence and sensual space together…….. Let our bodies communicate through the clay and nature…… The Clay will guide the body and we will feel the healing energy from the earth….. The nature will support our process and we will create a feeling of deep connections….. The church is important and life and death is present in those days…… Slow we will move our hands and…

to find mermaid in the woods

                                              I am walking hip to hip with my queen. ‘Look’ – I say – ‘the mermaid is in a crown of a tree’                  


I have never excisted, yet I have a body I am not here, yet you feel me, heavily. Like a scent that stays in the nostrils. I am a fluid, transcending in every step. I walk backwards, always one step ahead. I transform, I am what you want me to be Once I was a child, in many ways I still am. In many ways I have never been a…