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Repetition. Repetition.

You were relayed to me in dreams. I relay to you.   Be rid of. Obsession over sounds you make, ways you look, things you say, thoughts you think. Others. Be. Without borders, limitations, deliniations. With all others, lives, matter.     The new shall smell of salt and air.

Moon Rose

(I want to grow in you and you in me) “She lives in the deep oak forest, in the holy moon cave; from here she protects and heals all life. Diana, the wild primordial woman, soul of the forest, she is the hunter. She is the darkness. She is the savage. She is the deep moon seat of the Earth. She is queen of the witches.” . I bathed and…


I sense a rite in running,  rhythmical pounding along the lines that skirt the town following the fields, the signs that say leaving the aching of my lungs swallowed by the great open heavens.   Growth is in the soil.  We spring into life. Activated, confident. Feeling the wriggle and pull of new desires.     To playfully, sensitively and intelligently cross lines, and empower others to do the same.  To…

The Ocean of Forking Paths

                      the (w)Hole