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Somewhere in the glooms beneath dead leaves and dirt, I swallowed the air and came back to life. My very first breath, unfolded in praise of sound, fragile and porous, but multiplying. Since that moment I claimed the colors of them all – the sound of fingers pinching an earlobe, the sound of waking dreams, the sound of glass and water, the sound of the universe in expansion.


Still I can’t stop wondering…how does a breaking heart sound like?

A love abruptly choked, deceased from unnatural causes, still resonating in your bones?


How does it sound like?


How accurate are your ears as witnesses? Are we able to awaken forgotten sounds somewhere inside ourselves? I can’t help myself – I search for them. Repetitions, signs of recognition, a proof of your existence, the bitter-sweet taste of your soul, pervading, then passing mine. Gone, but somehow present.


These echoes. These infinite scattered fragments of emotions – they are blooming – they narrate themselves in even the smallest grain of dust, in all the cracks of the big white noise. I hear them. Still talking to me. And I ache for the knowledge we are able to extract from silence. All of this talking without words, all of this information encoded and retrieved. In you. In me. You know, the world is such a loud home, we must learn to marshal, to deduct essence.


I search for these silent places so that my body does not forget the sound of tomorrow..



Ekko is performed by Oline Brønd

Sisters Academy Staff by Sisters Hope

photo: I diana lindhardt