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Her Porcelain Spirit

Sisters Academy Her Porcelain Spirit

Her Porcelain Spirit flows through clay and materialises within you. Her kaolin dust fills out every little void and layer of your consciousness.


Fragility and strength unite.



Sparkling eyes.



Deep rivers.



She has warm healing hands, and a long-lived life. In a sense she is a figure that upholds. Carries. Contains.



She also shapes, ever so subtle, caresses the surface of things. Gives shape and gives ground to matter, to human bodies.



She has a clear gaze, a gaze that penetrates, but only with warmth and love and patience.

Her melancholy is transformed into humour. Her long story has given her a humourous view on life. An ability to lighten up in smile. Share a moment. She is a host of many spirits. A mother, a sister, a womb.



She knows time. She has seen different dimensions, and she knows how to give time. Stretch the moment, see the magic in the tiniest of details.


Performed by: Christin Johansson

Sisters Academy Staff by Sisters Hope

photo: I diana lindhardt

Photographs are free to use with the credits as formulated above displayed visibly.