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The Chamber of White


The Chamber of White is guarded by Chamberess, Kata Halasz, who has wandered across wide open deserts, climbed high mountains and swam in deepest of the seas searching for its inhabitants, slipping into their skins, continually transforming her shape and colour. She is tirelessly collecting the movements of feelings radiated in everyday performances of race, and gender. She is not much than a promise, a container without a shape, an empty shell without a form or colour until she is filled with the poesy and melodies of bodies.

She can only manifest in The Chamber of White, a space where she can withdraw from the world and create it anew. In the warm dusk, where shadows move, silhouettes emerge and pull back curtains and throw open windows – windows to the world built with images and movements of bodies, feelings and sensations. Black and white bodies populate The Chamber of White, over-full with layers of situations, gestures and encounters with the embodied experience of whiteness, the whiteness of the skin, of being in the world.

After her last return The Chamberess is weak. She has all put it out there, in The Chamber of White, all what she has seen and sensed during her long journey. The beautiful and the ugly, the loss and the love. She is there but very fragile, and vulnerable. She needs help in her continuous efforts in building The Chamber of White, which is never compete and needs constant work of the mind and the senses.