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The Child

Sisters Academy The Child

lines drawn in the sand by the hand of the hild


so carefully it arranges the world before itself


its fingers dipped in the pastel sugars of the sand, tiny gemstones,


mountains long vanished and eroded into tiny specks


so it creates,


shaping civilizations from sand


man and woman from clay


feathers and sticks, found objects from the beach


and into them it dreams


lives lived born and suffered


families, destinies, fragility and strength



so the Child-god creates


and dreams wondrous worlds, attachment, pain and struggles


into its little world, and then


by the turn of a tide,


or a familiar voice calling


it gets up


and in its clumsiness stumbles


and shatters the very world it had just created



and so


lines drawn


in the sand


were drawn


to remain


lines drawn


in the sand


will never





and so our lives pass


the very theater that had just opened, like a flower


closes in on itself once more in a strange, mute gesture of un-death, of un-life


of things passing without a trace


into an unknown


ruins and fragments that reminisce nature disappearing into ruins and

nature without form


and so in silence coloured by longing, from an unseen source


the next chapter opens


and playfigures emerge


glimpses of light in the night of your chambers


you find yourself drawn once more, into a world


and you find yourself moving softly


like on a wave


towards a calling so convincing, from a direction never seen before,


and the sad longing for the world which has just passed, that you

clutched in the corner of your world


left there


on the floor as you turn


already forgotten as it slips from your hands



what happened then? was it a crime to rise from the past


and turn to form the formless yet again?


no, it is a life lived


in the beautiful forgetfulness which the goodness of this earth so

beckoningly offers us


it is the dream of life


a dream called life



Performed by Alba Liv

Sisters Academy Staff by Sisters Hope

photo: I diana lindhardt

Photographs are free to use with the credits as formulated above displayed visibly.