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The Cousin


The Supportive Cousin of The Sisters.

An alchemist, which transforms the numbing poison in pain into healing medicine.

No one knows where The Cousin is from or how old she is, she doesn’t speak of it, in fact, she doesn’t speak much at all. But what everybody do know is that she comes on The Sister’s call.

She spend must of her time travelling from coast to coast, to see the sunrise and moonlight reflecting in the seawater and bathe in it. She is fascinated by color change even though she always wears black.

She is silent, observant and drawn to whispers, especially whispers of pain, the one feeling she takes on her shoulders, when it is too heavy for others to bare because she knows how to transform it into a source of beauty. The process weakens her at first, but as the pain transforms, she grows stronger and stronger.

It ones happened that one of The Sisters had fallen ill and the whispers of Coco’s sorrow called on The Cousin to stay to take on her grief, transform it in order for The Sisters to stay vital and strong and on track of their mission – To lay the foundation of a new educational system  – The School of a Sensuous society.