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The Curious

Sisters Academy The Curious

Earth. Everything at once. A whole world, a whole life, an entire time, unfolding in this now.

Everything was, and still is in that space.


I am The Curious

The Curious is also NoOne

NoOne here, NoOne in this time, NoOne in this space.

NoOne looking at reclining bodies, heavy with the scent of their own deep wisdom and secret.


I have a vision of heavy extremity

A picture of a vision

What does a vision look like

What is your vision

What are your dreams

Where would you not like to go in your own mind and body


Why do we avoid ourselves like frightened wild animals avoiding human contact

We could open up ourselves and say:

“Welcome, all things

I invite you all to be a part of my beautiful being

I will nuture you

I will shower you with love

and I will say

You are cherished here with me!”


Fire. Everything at once. Everything perishes. A whole world, an entire time, in this now.


Performed by Johannes Linneballe

Sisters Academy Staff by Sisters Hope

photo: I diana lindhardt

Photographs are free to use with the credits as formulated above displayed visibly.