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The Dramaturg

I am the Dramaturg and an Evoker – but one word is much like another.

I’m becoming one with everyone, situating the students for the unknown. Leading the way between the old and the new. After one

step, you are already out of the old and on your way into the new. When going back, it is not the same way and this might be more difficult.

Having no past and being rewarded with chances in the trusted time, I take all of them. Even though I am good at enduring, I

am here to enjoy every sense of it. My most dominating senses are the proprioceptive and the tactile – to move and touch. Sometimes my body will even move or speak by itself, which can be tiring. Constantly negotiating with space, I am dancing to rest.

My involvement in Sisters Academy #6 is, according to the current official education(al) system, an internship as part of my master’s degree in Dramaturgy at Aarhus University.

I feel that creating a more sensuous educational system is perhaps the single most important task to do, along with producing

food and shelter. Inside Sister Academy I can be my poetic self naturally, outside I will also have to make art to manifest. I will still be an Evoker outside though, strengthening the pathway from the University to the Academy.

Performed by Kirsten Kaagaard