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The Dreamcatcher

Above the ground of a once flooded forest,

there are pine trees that seems to have started walking by themselves.

Stretching their roots far over the moss, raising the trees above the forest bed.

Wrapped around their long limbs you can find strings with acorns, bells and bones.

The sign of that the Dreamcatcher walks these woodlands.


As a being of the forest, he speaks the tongue of trees and have the touch of leaves.

The scent of tar and wood follows his path.

Overwhelmed by the madness of the industrial world,

he has found that his purpose is to wake up the dream of our inner nature

and make the inanimate raise up from it’s concrete slumber.

With seeds of hope in his hands, he stands in the ruins of our modern lives fate.


There is a secret space within the present,

a place where time seems to be still,

the body moves within the endless now,

and no forces is pushing the mind out of balance.

That space is sacred,

it is the altar within,

the collision of imagination and reality.

it is the home of creation, the magical realm.

This is were going,

and the Dreamcatcher

is waiting for you.


The Dreamcatcher is performed by Tony Hadders

Sisters Academy Staff by Sisters Hope

photo: I diana lindhardt