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Flow –

”is what Csikszentmihalyi calls ‘autotelic’, that is, it seems to need no goals or rewards outside itself. To flow is its own reward: it is to be as happy as a human being can be – in one sense the specific rules that trigger and frame flow, whether of chess or a meditative technique, are irrelevant. This, Csikszentmihalyi concludes, is important for any study of human behavior, since if it is true it follows that people will deliberately manufacture cultural situations and frames which will release flow, or, as individuals, seek it outside their ascribed statuses or stations in life, if these are, for one reason or another, “flow-resistant,” that is, conducive to boredom or anxiety” (Turner 1979:488, my edition).

In Sisters Academy #6 I will engage as a simultaneous performer, teacher and researcher. I plan to do fieldwork in The Boarding School as part of my graduate thesis in Anthropology at Copenhagen University.

I look forward to exploring with you.

Performed by Maja Dalsgaard Ejrnæs