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The Gardener


Whilst the storm roars, every branch and twig is bent to its limit, threatened to break but amazes with its flexibility and stubbornness, and yet indifferent to the outcome. The trees fasten their grip, sucking up nutrients and moisture from the underground. When cropped and impoverished, threatened on its survival, the autopoiesis response causes even more leaves, fruits and seeds. This is the simple and delicate, yet rough and unsentimental system of living things, in which The Gardener operates. His cabin in the woods is all he needs, and where he prefers to spend his time. A sworn oath of allegiance to The Sisters, and a reluctant but growing love, has forever bound him to follow them in their endeavours. With a simple mission of growth and strengthened connection between nature and culture, The Gardener is moving on refined signals and signs from his environment.

Performed by Bo Eggert Dahl