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The Heat

The Heat came into being after an explosion caused by inner frictions between conflicting internal poles. With a desire to melt into a huge vital stream of togetherness, the blood in her veins sometimes feels like lava – at other times like ice.

She struggles to find the balance between conformist ambitions and savage passion. Her wish is to find a final merging solution but she is always in a never-ending process of searching, seeking and getting lost. Never satisfied, never bored always curious. Searching for a reason to touch and be touched. Again striving for balance. Her ultimate challenge.

In the limitless world of the poetic and sensuous, it is her deepest desire to re-find, re-discover an inner inherent voice in this world – and allow the noise and silence which already exist within her, to expand, to be shared. Within us. Within our bodies.

She will not immediately show her inner truth. Only when she is truly grounded in her poetic body, her sounds and Heat can flow as an open source again. Please feel free to liberate your Heat in her presence – Your poetic voice and sound. Collectively new portals might be opened within you. Portals that could help you to connect your inner mystery to your poetic sound. Together we can explore how we touch and reach the in-between-ness that emates from our Heat.


The Heat is performed by Anna Sofie Keller Brandsborg

Sisters Academy Staff by Sisters Hope

photo: I diana lindhardt