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Sisters Academy in:

The Island


Within organizing its own restlessness, it develops organs to move from existing order.
As if inside the body there ran a city and they would change it to an island.
They wait. They put their bodies together.
As if matter had endless distance.
For as long as it takes, bird by bird.
Not as if there was something to get away from.
They go together and against each other.
Touch placed in length, freely out of operating rooms.
Their waist adored the distance and their arm kissed their elbow.
Spending a lifetime, breaking into ruin houses and living there as long as possible.
They grow vegetables and they calmly rest on days within bracken leaves and ospreys.
Sometimes there are organs in the bathroom.
The blue kitchen doesn’t expect time to be there.
They run on each others stomachs.

Performed by Amalia Kasakove