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The Link


The Link was born in a meteor shower, and this baptism of fire gave her the power to draw energy directly from the sun. On a deserted shore in a land unknown The Link attracted the presence of The Sister and she has been with the headmistresses ever since this first fateful encounter. The Link is essentially the extended hands of The Sisters and she will react instantly and faithfully to their call. She is prepared to fight all elements in order to support them. Her turbulent birth and origin has made her very sensitive and in deep touch with the sensuous but at the same time it has resulted in hard and structured features. Mostly this ambiguous nature function as strength but sometimes she experiences it as a hindrance. She has the ability to adapt to her surroundings like a chameleon and by using her sense of balance she constantly seeks to take the form of missing links. Often you will see her when Sisters Academy manifest and at other times she may very well be present but not visible. Her finest task is to maintain balance in the halls of Sisters Academy. The Link is a very friendly and curious creature by nature and seeks to connect with the living beings that surround her as she feels that this strengthens her sense of balance. She is absorbed, attracted and intrigued by sensuous realization and dreams of this mode one day being equally accessible to all – in a sensuous society.

Performed by Nana Elisabeth Paja Senderovitz