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The Sad Dancer

Sad Dancer is an ancient soul. In this life she was born in a family without memories. She dances slowly in circles searching for a language, a voice, a belonging. Evoking our lost longings. Spiraling in time, conecting ife-death-life cicles. The strange boy with wrinkles in his face. The man who can not die. Can they save us? The gypsie wagon and the girl with the brides, is she dreaming our lost memories?

Sad Dancer senses our ancestors in her body, the nocturnal humming of an endless caravan of women. Black skirts, black shawls, her skin. She nourish from their movements, their smells, their dreams.

She goes to the forest at night, the crow guides her intuition. Her path is to surrender to what must die and what shall live.


Performed by Ulrika Selring
Sisters Staff by Sisters Hope
photo: I diana lindhardt