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The School Photographer


The photographer was born in the woods and raised by wild woman. She learned to trust her instincts, communicate without words, and to know what was right and wrong by looking into the sky. And listed to the soul of the trees and animals.

She has travel to many odd places and meet with unusual people. She never stays in one place for long and always travels alone and by food. She seems to stay the same ages, and has a strong body.  But when you look into her eyes you can tell her soul is old. Her favorite colors are reed and shadow colors. She dresses equally masculine and feminine, and can be as beautiful as ugly.

Her way of photography is intuitive and intense. She sees the soul of people and nature and wants to take a piece of it. She likes to think of herself as a soul collector and not photographer. Her darkroom is a collection of bones and other things she collects from nature and places she has traveled to.  In her darkroom she put soul into dead things to bring them alive, and death and shadow voices into her pictures to give them wisdom and deph.

She can get furious if people take photos without thought. She believes that when you take a photo you take something from that monument or person. It will be yours forever to take care of and comes with great responsibility. Her own camera she calls her collector. She thinks of it as her little wunderkammer. It’s her way of collecting people, moments, memories and stories she finds of interest.

It is said that she has great magical powers and is protected by wild spirits. She has many ways to charm peoples if she wants to, and can be irresistible. She will charm you and be playful as long as there is no ownership and her powers can flow freely. Her desire to be free comes above all.

Her powers are strong and hard to measure up to, but she is fair and a giver by nature, not a taker. She finds satisfaction in seeing other people grow to their full potential and discovery true desires. She will leave you feeling lifted and inspired by her intense present, even if she takes a small piece of your soul to keep in return.