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The world that I am into when expanding and exploring my poetic self for manifestation, is a world of many, many places, moments, people, dimensions of reality etc. I see it as harbours, bays, stretches of water, horizons. I see it as wood, cloth, rope, emotion at sea (I have been sailing more than just a little in my life, however I am not a sailor as such), oh, do not get me started, really. There is so much. But the main thing is the poetical notion of the Ship and travelling by sea, of being on journey, forever, of leaving home, longing for home, longing for adventure, having adventure, reflecting on adventure, beasts in the sea, harbours to visit, what to do there, and so on and so on and on, in waves. It is very beautiful and I enjoy this process very much. I am also, thankfully, able to bring stuff out of it with a more practical/artistic use in mind. The process is in good wind. THE SHIP, is both the Ship itself, also it´s soul, also the crew or what a crew can be, also the legends of ships, sailing and the sea. It is stories of the sea, of ghost-ships and danger and treasure, it is both history, poetry, fiction and actual reality of sailing. It is the situation of the sailor, the traveller, explorer, shipwrecked, tradesman, pirate, it is of the cargo, the trade, the songs over the waves, it is the sea itself, the horizon and the sky above and the shore beyond and the shore within sight. It is the map, the weather, the anchor, the navigation, it goes on…

Performed by Peter Tommila