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Sisters Academy in:

The Thereminist


The Thereminist – And Your Inner Voice – Houdini Effect

The Thereminist does not touch anything. You won’t touch anything.
Sound will be sculpted in mid air. Etherwaves will be audible through the motion of your hands, your breath or any other movement of your body.
You will dive into Microspace and explore a whole new universe.
The inexplicable – your inner voice amplified and turned into sound.
No right or wrong. Expression. Houdini. Freedom of motion and sound.
Slightest Touch. Fever. Listening. Pins.
Playing Theremin is like tickling butterflies.
Preferably done with your eyes closed.
The Thereminist is gentle and can help you find your own symphony.

Performed by reknowned Austrian NYC-based thereminist Dorit Chrysler.