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The Tide

Born out of the rolling waves, their white crests merging water and air, always moving, powerful enough to smash concrete cities, delicate enough to make a baby laugh with delight as he runs through them.

The tide creates transition, joins place with place, body with body. It denies the space of borders – with movement and connection. High and low becomes here and there, the wet dry, water merge with sand.

It moves among life, lets water caress, pulls bodies of water and pushes them away, but names nothing, letting the Everything speak.

Breath becomes movement, the in and out of air flowing in and out of you and me, pulling, pushing. The moon, the earth, lungs, and blood.

We all gravitate towards each other, our bodies are forces of attraction, and we are resisting when we are not close.

And far away jellyfish float in the light of the new moon.


Performed by xxx

Sisters Staff by Sisters Hope

photo: I diana lindhardt