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The Voice of the Fragile

From listening to the most fragile, it has learned about the inconstant nature of life, and the toughest lesson – to handle changes, to mourn the loss and let it go, and to appreciate what is. It sees and takes care of the most fragile things in the world, things that can break at the most faint breath or even the blink of an eye.


Reality Studies

What is reality? Could we define it as temporary solidified forms of the energy in particles? Isn’t a big part of what we call reality the constructions, behaviours and structures designed by ourselves? A commonly agreed game that is seen as a truth?

And if so, can we design our own reality? Or modify the existing one? Is reality experienced in the same way for everyone?

Through experiments we try to explore the concept and fluidity of reality. We explore who we can be in our own or in another reality. Through expeditions outside school we study the commonly agreed reality and maybe even modify it to see if it changes.


Dreams laboratory

A room where we study and work with dream material. By creating a bank of the experiences in night-time dreams we try to understand them by drawing, discussion, and recreating by playing. We draw maps of where they occured and note if they transpire into eachother or reoccur. We work not only with our own dreams but the connection of dreams of everybody in the group.


Exploration of the Elements

Through the ancient science and philosophy of the classic elements, found in traditions all over the world, we create tools to understand the energies and emotions in ourselves and others.


The Sacrifice

During the period we offer different tools, paint and materials to build a great structure together in the schoolyard. The students will learn about construction and material as they build a coherent sculpture. What each student express in the great construction is something it want to let go of, a fear, a behaviour, as a tribute and experience of the inconstancy. The last day we gather and put it to fire.


The Secret History

Practical lessons and studies about the history we don’t learn in ordinary school. Pagan cultures, pioneers who are not only men from the western world, lost civilizations, myths and other perspectives of our historical celebrities.


The Sensuous Choir

Using all the spectrum of the voices in a group to evoke imagination, emotions, rhythm and harmonies. Using the room and the voices to create space where everybody is a part and takes part of the temporarily created soundscape. Express emotions and energies with the voice but without words.


The Voice of the Fragile performed by Erik Rosen Rusk.