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Sisters Academy in:

The Wonderer


She is a woman of the border. Twisting the kaleidoscope of perception, guiding the senses into a world of infinite inseparability.

She is the vulnerable observer. Beauty bites and follows her trail. She is counting stars on your skin. Dropping pomegranate seeds. Making honey of all that is indescribable yet sense-able.

She keeps close to the ocean with wind filling her mouth. Letting good-byes foam in her neck, as longing swims in her chest.

She is the sort of person that gets lost, just going around the corner. She is 3-and-59 years old. Treading softly, laying down ever new tracks into unknown curiosities.

She wants to know of the moments in which we are seeking and of those in which we simultaneously, have already arrived.

Performed by Jara von Luepke