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The Takeover

Sisters Academy at an STU school for particular sensitive students, Sisters Academy #5

Sisters Academy will manifest for and with particularly sensitive students at the STU school Fremtidslinjen in Køge, Denmark. As something new the students will take part in both build-up and pack-down. More information.


  The Icelandic manifestation of Sisters Academy is planned in collaboration with Iceland Academy of Arts and Myndlistaskóllin. The preparations include a full course at The Iceland Academy of Arts, Arts Education conceived in the spring of 2016. Students from this course is invited to perform during the actual manifestation in the fall of 2016 at the upper secondary school Myndlistaskólinn. More information.

Sisters Academy #3 – Sweden

2015 – 2016   The Swedish manifestation of Sisters Academy is co-produced with the cultural Malmö-based venue Inkonst and carries the project-titel Sisters Academy Malmö. Sisters Academy Malmö falls in two parts. Part I –The Boarding School September 2015, where Inkonst was completely transformed into a sensuous boarding school. See photos and film and read more about this manifestation here. Part II –The Takeover February-March 2016 will manifest at Nova Academy  as…

Sisters Academy #1 – Denmark

2014       The first ever manifestation of Sisters Academy was at and in collaboration with HF & VUC, FYN, FLOW, in Odense (DK). In this pioneer-manifestation we initiated the Takeover-format. More information.