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Sisters Academy in:


Sisters Seek – InnoCarnival (SE)

Sisters Hope were invited to manifest Sisters seek at the educational conferende InnoCarnival, Sweden. We collected dreams for the future of the educational system from our Archive – Mostly from children**!   2015 – 16 genomför den danska performanceduon ”Sisters Hope” och Inkonst ett gemensamt megaprojekt i gränslandet mellan scenkonst, forskning, aktivism och pedagogikutveckling – Sisters Academy Malmö. Allt om ett utbildningssystem som bottnar i de estetiska dimensionerna, genomsyras av…

Sisters deep – Words turned into flesh – Where performance art meets literature

In Sisters deep we were invited to intervene with and unfold our universe in the intersection of educational development, research, activism and performance art by the network of history of new literature. We created a sensuous and poetic space to inspire a dialogue on how performance art turns words of poetry and text into image and flesh and we collected dreams for the future of literature in education, as this…

In Japan with The Chain Hands

In the far east The Chain Hands Pianist and The I joined together to embark on a poetic journey through the country Japan. Wings spread. Movement moved far away from the North and yet so close. The journey brought them through holy temples, where voices could be heard  through the rice paper walls. Through cities where mystery linger and through cities screaming from above. They traveled through fields on the…

Call for Participation, Sisters Academy, Greenland – PSi#21

PSi participation: Call for Participation available here. Participatory options unfolded in the call: Enrole as student at the school to explore new and more sensuous modes of knowledge production. Be engaged as substitute teacher to develop new tools of evoking sensuous modes of knowledge production. Be an artist in residence unfolding your own work within the frame of Sisters Academy. Be a researcher in residence and use Sisters Academy as a case…

Sisters Hope taking part in the panel Deltagerinvolverende scenekunst

Sisters Hope took part in the panel ‘Deltagerinvolverende scenekunst’ at Aarhus University, sharing our perspectives on participation and interaction. See video here.