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A Mode


A Mode is a narcissistic female creature who is both fragile as porcelain and strong as the smell of smoke… The first thing she ever saw was her own image and ever since that image has been her one true love… She has all the qualities of the world but lets her vanity and egoism divide her qualities into dualistic modes of being. The dualistic mind of hers keeps the focus on the internal dialogue between her inner apollonian and dionysian… Amode can’t control which mode she is in. It isn’t just a mood but a more mechanical switch in her mind. She is always in search of the switch and its tricker… When she is dionysian she stands for ugliness, disorder, ecstatic, passion, intoxication, while Amode as apollonian stands for beauty, order, perfection, progress and serenity… Her inner dialogue will always be like a dialogue between a child and an adult. When she is dionysian she has the freedom of a child, but as apollonian she gets aware and calculated as an adult… The beauty of apollonian will always try to keep the control and deny dionysian which can result in an explosion, where the beastieness of dionysian comes alive… There is no doubt Amode craves the dionysian side of her, but still she tries to stay apollonian because she only finds herself safe when she is in control…

At Sisters Academy – The Boarding School A Mode will step into The Protector of The Archive.

Performed by Nikoline Kern.

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  1. […] eksperimenteret med Nietzsches dualisme mellem det dionysiske og det apollinske i sin rolle som Amode i Sisters Academy. Nietzsche er kort sagt manden, der fik hende til at forelske sig i filosofien, […]

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