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to find mermaid in the woods

                                              I am walking hip to hip with my queen. ‘Look’ – I say – ‘the mermaid is in a crown of a tree’                  


I have never excisted, yet I have a body I am not here, yet you feel me, heavily. Like a scent that stays in the nostrils. I am a fluid, transcending in every step. I walk backwards, always one step ahead. I transform, I am what you want me to be Once I was a child, in many ways I still am. In many ways I have never been a…

The Leviathan

Everything ever thrown away, every feeling suppressed, every memory forgotten, it all ends up at the bottom of the ocean. Beneath the waves and the current, at the cold dark bottom The Leviathan wanders aimlessly collecting the memories, traumas, and feelings from the world above as little grains of sand. Every bottle of sand holds thousands of different memories from thousands of different people. Created at the time of the…

The Guardian

Endless steps like ticking seconds of a clock infinite hours Steps and staircases in a spiderweb’s tangled maze Paths for getting lost and being found The deep breath of a corridor blows out the light of one candle, another ignites another time, another place Infinite stories flow through my stairs, my shelves The blood in my veins Pieces and memories of life and love as old as time itself Protected…

The Phoenix

I am The Phoenix. My wings are of fire and my tears are of hope. I move through countless cycles of death and rebirth during my time on earth. My first death reduced me to coal and ashes, but after some time, I was embraced by a motherly wing and was cried back to life. Her tears had healing powers which cleansed my perished coals and ignited a new fire….