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The Phoenix

I am The Phoenix.
My wings are of fire and my tears are of hope.
I move through countless cycles of death and rebirth during my time on earth. My first death reduced me to coal and ashes, but after some time, I was embraced by a motherly wing and was cried back to life. Her tears had healing powers which cleansed my perished coals and ignited a new fire. The flames spread so high that they formed wings attached to my living, burning body. As I flew from her nest I began to cry. Her tears had became my own. Now when my fire dies, my tears rinse the perished coals and prepare for new life. New fire.
As my fire spreads, the power of my cry strengthens. When coals die I am there to hold them under my wings.
With each birth I release what no longer serves. Intimacy intensifies and we learn to unite. The cycle is out of my control, so every day I embrace the unknown.